Today, I went to the Badaling Great Wall alone.

There is a saying that He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man.

I had read this saying for many times when I was in high school, but I have never been to the Great Wall util today.

I got up at 7:00am and began my tour at about 7:40am after the breakfast. It took me 30 minutes to arrive at Xi zhi men station from where I live.

Too many people

I planed to take the Shi jiao yan qing s2 line train to the Great Wall directly at Beijing bei station, which is near the Xi zhi men station. However, when I arrived there, the staff of the station said that the train will depart at 11:00am.I watched my smart phone, which showed that it’s 8:24am now.So I had to wait for about 2.5 hours if I took this train.Because I’am those one who don’t want to stay in a place too long and want to go somewhere to have a look, I prefer the other type of a tour.Therefore, from the staff of the train, I knew that I could take buses to the Great Wall.

Thanks to the Baidu Map, this time I need to take the line 13 train and arrive at the Long ze station, then take the 878 bus.However, when I arrived at the Long ze station and the 878 bus station, I found something almost shock me.That is, the 878 bus only depart at 7:00am-9:00am.But my smart phone showed that it’s 9:03am.Oh my god!But I didn’t give up.I stayed there for another 20 minutes.This time, I almost wanted to go back home because I looked for 10 minutes to find some bus that can go to the Great Wall and I failed.

South Wall

I was still stubborn so that I found another way to go to the Great Wall from Baidu Map.This time I went back to the Xi er qi station, take the Chang ping line train and arrived at the final station Nan shao station. When I got out of the station, I was shock again.This place is a remote village and I can’t find a bus after looking for 10 minutes.So I went back to the exit of the subway and ask a driver of the black car how much of taking me to the Badaling Great Wall.His answer suprised me because he wanted 180 yuan. Although I could bargin with him to reduce the price to 100 yuan, but it’s still very very very expensive.This time I wanted to give up and went away to find another bus station.When I got there, I found it’s excactly the bus I could take to the Great Wall.This is the 870 bus and then the bus didn’t appear.Fortunately, the bus was coming soon and I got in without thinking. That is, there is a way out for somebody.

After about an hour, I arrived at Ni sha he station and I need to change to another bus.This time, I could take 919 bus or the 879 bus and I felt the Great Wall was near.After about 5 minutes, the bus comed but there were too many people there, so I had to stand in the bus.I thought the bus will arrived at the Great Wall no more than 20 minutes, but I never wanted to know that it’s the most painful bus I have ever taken.I standed in the bus for more than 1.5 hours because of the traffic jam!

Finally I arrived at the Great Wall.

First, I have a lunch at Yong he da wang restaurant.

Have a lunch

There were lots of people.But I thought there will be more in Spring and Autumn. The photo below shows the North Wall.

North Wall

It’s obvious that I was on the south wall, and the photo below is a bird’s-eye view of the north wall.

North Wall bird view

There is no doubt that I must have someone take a photo for myself.The photo below is it, I’m not very handsome as you imaged, though.


The return tour was so relax because I could take the 877 bus to De sheng men xi station directly!And it const me only 4.8 yuan.

In a word, although the Badaling Great Wall is not so great as the Palace, I was still very happy today, because it’s the first time I have a tour alone.